It's time to grow your team the right way . . .

Let's put a stop to the never ending to do list and get you out of the field in 120 days or less.

It's time to grow your team the right way

Let's put a stop to the never ending to do list and get you out of the field in 120 days or less.


Your business is not being as FUN or PROFITABLE as it should be.


Your Workers Run The Show

You have workers you want to let go, but you can't find anyone to replace them so you put up with them or go back in the field to help.

Lack Of Constant Leads

You can't seem to get new hires 15 hours of work within 7 days. Or you get comfortable and stop hiring because you don't have more jobs. It's hard to balance to grow.

Stuck Repeating Instructions

You're stuck repeating yourself, having a never ending to do list of non support tasks not money making or high level strategy tasks.

You Are Missing Support

You're stuck relying on facebook groups or venting to your team about company issues instead of looking at problems from a data standpoint.

We can give you all the systems and strategies so that your business can run and grow with or without you.

Your NEW Hiring On Demand Roadmap

Our 4 month program is designed to help you get quality workers, leads, and processes setup the right way so we can scale your idea or existing company’s revenue while getting you out of the day to day.

  • Phase 1: Fix All Things Hiring

We cant run ads to a broken hiring system. So our team will first setup your new hiring system with the right messaging and attraction to get you started on the right track.

  • Phase 2: Create Consistent Leads

If you have 100 leads right now could you handle them all without breaking? Before we dive into helping you create your first facebook lead form ad we want to ensure our team sets up your lead nurture system and sales pages .

  • Phase 3: Prep For Delegation

We can't delegate things off your plate or improve training or fix worker issues post hire without the proper trainings. In this phase we will dive into helping you define your training systems for field and admin.

“Our big goal is having you exclusively taking strategic decisions that grow your company and doing what you love in 120 days or less.

Don’t waste time building SOPs and running ads. My team will set ALL UP in your business


This is NO where near a DIY course, its got a shit ton of done-FOR-you and done-WITH-you so we can hit your goals as fast as possible!


Without workers, we can't take on more work. It's hard to learn this stuff. No worries we will give you everything you need to attract, hire, motivate, and retain your workers.

  • Done-FOR-you copy & hiring software (included)
  • Dedicated Ad Manager to Help Get Your First Ad Live
  • 90% fully automated hiring process
  • All things strategy to motivate, fix issues with workers, and retain them longer.


So many times we see business owners going back and forth between lead gen and hiring. We will help you balance both so you can stay in 24/7 growth mode.

  • Lead nurture automation
  • 60+ Pre-made holiday specials (sms/email)
  • Sales, follow up, customer service, complaint handling messages & call scripts
  • Lead gen funnels and advanced automation
  • Organic and paid lead gen strategies


90% of Business owners who hire have no idea what a new hire should actually do. Tons of wasted time, money on sitting around working on non revenue generating tasks.

  • Hit the ground running with a prerecorded SOP training for your team.
  • Import over 50 SOP templates with preset due dates ready for your team to run and stay in action (fully customizable)
  • Be the owner you need to be by learn how to strategically plan projects and track KPI's so you can make decisions based on the data.


Stay accountable with weekly group coaching and get support with whatever you need. We are also available via chat, sms, phone, zoom for more immediate help.

  • Eliminate yourself over time by having your team jump on coaching calls for support.
  • Gain consistent weekly strategies, guidance and accountability.
  • Get funnel audits, KPI reviews, ad audits, live tech help, and more.
  • Custom tech build assistance.


Life With KB Recruiting - Hiring Simplified


Krystal has given value on top of value. This is such an easy automated hiring process.


I had no idea how to find or compel applicants to join my company.


Krystal has some sort of magic. I have applicants pouring in.


I have had GREAT results, my calendar is full and the quality of applicants are high.


I have seen so many owners stressed out, overwhelmed and up the their whits end with day to day issues. .

So bad to where some people have wanted to quit their business, throw it away, and some attempting to commit suicide.

The stress is real!

We got into business not to only see our vision come true, to make more money working for someone, and to build something amazing.

It's so easy to get sucked into working 12 hour days, spending less time with our family, stressed out looking at our phones and for what???


You can build a business and be off the clock mentally at whatever time you want.

Is it easy? No of course not but I will tell you this, you're going to have to set it up at some point.

At any stage in your business it's worth taking the time to put in the footwork to set it up right so you can breathe once its done FOR LIFE!

For you, your vision, your family, and for your team!